Streaming Best Practices

Pastors, now that we’ve had a couple weeks of streaming, we are trying to get better… specifically on our streaming backgrounds.  Here are a few best practices we’ve learned thus far:
  1. Do not broadcast with a window behind you; always have windows and lights in front of you.
  2. Do not broadcast in areas that show too much of your private living space because viewers can be distracted by items in your home. Please broadcast in front of a wall, bookshelf or some other appropriate place.
  3. Make sure you have enough light in the room.
  4. If you cannot find the right background in your home, please watch the video to the right for some great suggestions: 
  5. Be engaging with your audience and thank them for tuning in.
  6. Talk directly to the camera as much as possible.
  7. Our total service time, (including praise and worship and giving) should ideally be no more than 1 hour.

We will share more as we continue to learn.

Setting-up Backdrops in Your Home to Stream