Church of God by Faith CLERGY FORMS  



What follows are the minimum standards that each Church of God by Faith must establish, implement and maintain as a demonstration of its commitment to order and excellence within the organization.  It is most crucial for every COGBF to create an environment which welcomes and shares the mighty Word of God in effective ways.
The forms on this page are to only be used by Church of God by Faith clergy at the local or district level. All of them can now be completed online and sent to the appropriate authorities.  The sender will also receive an emailed copy of the form results. Please do not start the forms until you have gathered all of the appropriate information to complete them. 


  1. August: Notify pastors of the annual review time-line.
  2. September 30th: Pastors complete their own reviews.
  3. October 15th: District elder completes analysis of pastor reviews.
  4. October 26th: Submit documents electronically to Ruling Elder Williams by the end of October.
  5. November 1, 2021 Deadline for completing license order. 
  6. District Elder send copy of final review back to pastor.
  7. November: District Elder meet with Executive Board.
  8. Establish a district action plan to address topics that show training is needed.


COGBF licenses will now be ordered by the district from the link listed below.  The District Elder or his designee are the only users authorized to use the new system. 
  1. Pastors should speak with all qualified candidates regarding their performance, expectation and ask if thy desire to be issued renewal licenses.
  2. Local church’s reorder list is forwarded to district via email. It is important for pastors to add recent CTI graduates to their list. 
  3. Pastors are strictly prohibited from adding names to the current list unless at least one of these three conditions have been verified:
    1. Recipient has a verifiable completion certificate from CTI.
    2. Recipient has satisfied the Pastoral Transfer protocols from the Examining Board.
    3. Recipient has received expressed written consent from the Executive Council.
  4. Churches will then submit payments to their districts either electronically or by mail. 
  5. After the superintendent has approved the list and verified the payments, he must then use the District Elder License Ordering Portal to order licenses. This platform is password protected and may only be used by the appropriate designee.   
Please do NOT use Google Chrome here. Use Edge, Firefox or Explorer.  For orders over 30, please split it in groups no more than 30. When you load your photos below, you can input up to 90 at one time.