SEEKING: DISTRICT ADJUTANTS – The primary role of an Adjutant in the church (especially in Pentecostal circles) is to sanctify the leader in the eyes of the people (as Joshua and Caleb did for Moses), create a positive atmosphere for the leader and the people, and to oversee the vestments of all Priests and Levites. Church of God By Faith is prepared to assist everyone in becoming more focused upon acknowledging our leaders and their needs, so that the minister is liberated to focus upon his primary calling.
CTI MINISTERIAL ASSISTANCE POLICY – As a minister in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, you qualify for certain biblically supported Ecclesiastical rights. For reference review the following; Luke 10:7; I Cor. 9:3-11. Moreover, the presiding Bishop of the Church of God by Faith has confirmed his allegiance with you and his support of the preceding scriptures. As such we, hereby set forth the following policy for those ministerial students qualified for ordination in Church of God by Faith Theological Institute (CTI) program. This policy includes, both male and female candidates who meet the following stipulations. This policy, likewise, further stipulates guidelines…READ MORE HERE.


The National Adjutancy is a vital area of ministry that demands attention and focus. The National Adjutant General should lead a team of people who are united and organized to help make ministry work.
The Church of God by Faith, like many other Pentecostal organizations made the choice to use military terms like “adjutant” or “adjutancy” to describe this ministry. It is important that the adjutant and all others know and understand that the adjutancy serves under the direction of the Presiding Bishop.
The Presiding Bishop and The Executive Council of the Church of God By Faith, Inc. have charged the National Adjutancy Corps with the sacred task of standardizing the fundamentals of our ceremonial, liturgical and protocol traditions.
It is the mechanism through which these essential traditions could be enacted and preserved.


  • Cassocks of appropriate color according to rank
  • Clerical Shirts of appropriate color according to rank
  • Full collars only; no tab collars
  • Rochets or Surplice according to rank
  • Tippets for Bishops, Ruling Elders, District Elders, and pastors; Ordained Elders no Tippets; Ordained Ministers no surplice or Tippets
  • Plain Black shoes
  • Pectoral crosses, only according to rank—
  • Bishops, Ruling Elders—Gold w/ Chain
  • Superintendents may wear silver Pectorals with silver chains
  • All others Ecclesiastical Chords according to rank


  • Black suits (Plain—no special stitching, plaids, stripes, or other distinguishing features)
  • Clerical shirts according to rank
  • Bishop—Scarlet, or Roman Purple
  • Ruling Elders- Roman Purple
  • District Superintendents—Grey
  • Adjutant General—Royal Blue
  • Pastors and Ordained Elders, Ministers—Black
  • Plain black shoes
  • Pectoral crosses should not be visible, only the chain or chord.