The supervision of the General Church financial and material affairs shall be in the hands of deacons or lay members of a seven-man board, subject to such instructions as may be given by the Executive Council of Elders. The board, formerly known as the “General Trustee Board,” will now be called the “National Finance Board.” The Board shall be an advisory body in the business and administrative affairs of several departments. The Board may recommend and submit proposals to the Executive Council before they can be operative in the church.
Our mission is: “Leading with a passion, following with a desire, obeying with respect, serving with an understanding that we may become a better servant of God.”


  • Raising funds and setting budgets.
  • Buying or selling property only with the authority of the Executive        Council.
  • Collaborating regarding the suitability of the place and size of              church buildings, etc. for local congregations.
  • Directing the auditing of accounts of departments in the church          with a view toward securing such uniformity of method and                    completeness of form as shall be most efficient.
  • Presenting to the Executive Council proposals for the financial              support of the bishop.

Deacon Jerome Flood, Chairman/Chief Financial Officer

Deacon Jerome Flood, Chief Financial Officer, is employed by the Church of God by Faith. He also currently serves as chairman of the National Finance Board and chairman of the Northwest NY District Finance Board. Jerome is the co-owner of Flood and Flood Photography and Videography, LLC for over 30-years. He attended Monroe Community College studying computer technology. Jerome is a nationally ordained deacon and a graduate of COGBF Theological Institute (CTI). He is a member and office manager of Greater Adams Street COGBF in Rochester, New York. Deacon Flood has been married to Minister Bettie Flood for 39-years, and they have three children. He serves the Northwestern NY, Northeastern NY, and Miami, Florida districts. 

Deacon William Adams, Secretary

Deacon William Adams is a newly appointed member of the National Finance Board. He serves on the Ocala District Finance Board as financial secretary and chairman deacon at Believers United Church of God by Faith in Winter Garden, Florida. Deacon Adams attended Bluefield State College, earned an Electrical Engineering degree, and has owned a local electronic repair company for 17-years.  He has been married to Sister Vanessa Adams for over 30-years, with four children. He serves the Daytona Beach, Ocala, and South Florida districts. 

Deacon Alvin Jefferson

Deacon Alvin Jefferson, serves as member of the National Finance Board and member of the Jacksonville District (Founder’s District) Finance Board. Alvin is currently employed with UPS with over forty years of service. He was previously employed with the Church of God by Faith National Office as the print shop manager for over 25-years. He attended Florida State College Jacksonville and is currently enrolled in the COGBF Theological Institute (CTI). He is a member and financial treasurer of Greater COGBF in Jacksonville, Florida. He serves the Palatka, Jacksonville, and
East Coast districts. 

Deacon Anthony W. Roberson

Deacon Roberson is a U.S. Army Veteran with 26-years of service.  He retired in 2021. He worked for 38-years for a maintenance contractor as a helicopter mechanic. He serves in numerous positions on the local, district and national levels as well as the vice president and treasurer of Matthews-Scippio Academy Ozark. He is also a member of the City of Ozark Planning Commission. Deacon Roberson is married to Linda, the love of his life and they are the proud parents of Anthony Jr. (Rob) and Nikki. He thanks God for all His many blessings, the late Deacon Ulysses Martin for his mentorship, and the late Bishop W. W. Matthews for his encouragement.  He serves the Atlanta/Birmingham and SE Alabama/NW Florida districts. 

Deacon Buster Eady

Deacon Eady has served on the National Finance board for 27-years. He lives in South Carolina where he serves as chairman at El Bethel COGBF.  Deacon Eady also served on the district Five-Man Board for 33-years, district Sunday School teacher for the past eight years, and Local Sunday School teacher for 30-years. Deacon Eady presently serves under Pastor James S. Gibbs. He is employed with Benton Dickson as a building  sub-contractor. His spiritual life has been greatly influenced by the late Elder Thomas Davis. He serves the South Carolina and West Region districts. 

Deacon Billy Joe Milling

Deacon Billy Joe Milling has been a member for over 35-years with the Church of God by Faith Abbeville, Georgia. He serves as chairman of the Deacon’s Board and on the Prison Ministry. He is the facilitator of the deacon’s training for the Central Georgia District. He is retired Military/Civil Service. He attended the University of Fort Valley State and South Plain Junior College in Texas. Deacon Milling is married to Almetta Milling. He was nationally ordained at the Church of God by Faith Theological Institute. He serves the Central Georgia and South Georgia districts. 

Deacon Al L. Smith, II

Deacon AL L. Smith, II resides in Tampa, Florida and attends The Rock Church of God by Faith. He has been married to  Patricia for 37-years and they have 11 children. Deacon Smith serves as secretary of the National Chairman Deacons Network, chairman of the local Finance/Deacon Board and chairman of the Tampa WestCoast District Finance Board. He serves on the local and district Christian Boards of Education, musician and Deacons Ministry leader. Deacon Smith has also been nationally ordained through the Church of God by Faith Theological Institute and has been appointed as a member of the Church of God by Faith National Finance Board. He serves the South Florida, Gainesville, and Tampa districts.


Deacon James Montgomery

Deacon Montgomery is a lifelong member of Church of God by Faith in Clermont, Florida where he serves as chairman of the Deacon’s Board. On the Ocala District, he served as a member of the Finance Board and has been on the National Board of Finance since 1980. He was married to the late Mother Mary Ann Montgomery and they have six children: Lyndsay, Rodrick, Michelle Mack-Montgomery, Arnold, Mia and Wallace.

Deacon Emanuel Phillips

Deacon Emanuel is a lifelong member of Church of God by Faith in Abbeville, Georgia. He became a deacon and later served on the (now) Central Georgia District and National Board of Finance since 1981. He is married to Tommie B. Phillips. They have one son, Rodney (Madelyn) Phillips; two granddaughters, Chaunte Randall and Valencia Phillips; and one great granddaughter, Lauren.