Evangelist Lorraine Punch Baldwin
Evangelist Lorraine “Punch” Baldwin is a consecrated minister in the Church of God by Faith, where Superintendent Phillip Thomas is her pastor. This gifted ByFaith lifer is the daughter of the late, Elder and Mother A. B. Benjamin from the Palatka District. At an early age, Lorraine “Punch” Benjamin-Baldwin was inspired by the Holy Ghost to be about the business of soul winning. In the beginning, her ministry was to spiritually electrify congregations with her singing. Then God revealed to her a higher calling; she began to do more witnessing, telling people about the power and goodness of the Lord. Punch buried herself in the Word of God, expanded her prayer life, gave up her secular job and told the Lord, “I’ll go.” She began full-time ministry in 1994, conducting revivals across the land, touching, convicting and captivating men and women with the Word of God.
One of her most memorable accomplishments was to record her first live recording entitled “Step Back and Let God Do It,” featuring the world renown, Rev. Milton Biggham, founder and director of the Georgia Mass Choir (Grammy Award Winners). During the year of 2002, she became a member of the Georgia Mass Choir and performed in a live recording with the choir. She was the featured lead vocalist on two selections on their album, one of which is entitled “Bye and Bye.” She performed on BET, on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show, the New York State Fair, and on TBN. She has received numerous awards such as the Florida Gospel Legends Award, the 2003 Outstanding Gospel Music Recording Artist Award, and the 2010 Putnam County Hall of Fame. Rev. Milton Biggham recently said, “I’ve been producing gospel music for more than 35 years and one of the advantages of having that kind of experience is that you learn how to identify people who are truly talented, who stand out, who are above average, who possess the ability to be both creative and commercial.
Since she was a young girl, Punch has always lifted up the Lord in song at the Church of God by Faith.  In Spring 2019, she was elevated to COGBF National Music Director.