There are updates you should know before you start the registration process. Please click the link below for the details from Pastor  Andre McBride. Also, please see the registration options below including a continuation of the seniors over 75 ticket.  
Registration is required for in-person attendees and is strongly requested for virtual attendees. Please be prepared to make your hotel reservation during the check-out process. The hotel requires a one night deposit to secure your reservation.
The Executive Council is asking all churches to place an ad in the commemorative program book. We also encourage business owners, families and members to purchase ads. All proceeds support the National Conventions. 
ticket options
1. Leaders In-person – $150.00
For all licensed pastors, elders, ministers, evangelists, deacons, deaconesses, missionaries, and all other national department leaders who attend in-person (including senior leaders).

2. Standard In-person – $125.00
For lay members, friends, and other guests who attend in-person.

3. Seniors In-person (Lay members only) – $100.00
For senior lay members 75 and older at the time of the General Assembly attending in-person.
4. Young Adult In-person – $100.00
For young adults age 18 -26 years-old at the start of the General Assembly. 
5. Children and Youth In-person (ages 5-17) – $50.00
For all children and youth ages 5-17 years-old who attend in-person. Have t-shirt sizes available before registration. 

6. Infants and toddlers in-person registration (ages 0-4) – Free
Free for all children ages 0-4 years-old who attend in-person with a guardian. Have t-shirt sizes available before registration. 

7. Official Virtual Registration – $125.00
For leaders, laity, and official delegates attending virtually. Full-size program book provided.

8. Standard Virtual Registration – $59.99
For all partners, lay members, friends, and guests attending online. Your registration is vital to the success of the conference and includes a smaller program booklet.
Discounted Meals
Thursday – Sunday
6:00AM  – 11:00AM

LUNCH: $17.00
Thursday – Sunday
1:30PM – 3:00PM
++ Tax and Gratuities


Deacons / Deaconesses Dinner

It is the goal of the Church of God by Faith Deacons and Deaconesses to motivate, inspire, and provide training as we work and plan for kingdom growth. We plan to gather at the 102nd General Assembly for a dinner celebration. The details are as follows:
  • Date: December 14, 2023
  • Start time: 2:30pm.
  • Location: Hyatt Hotel, Atlanta GA
  • Costs: $75 per person and $140.00 per couple.
  • Attire: Business casual
  • Registration deadline is October 16, 2023.


We want to do everything possible to make your convention stay a success. Please click below for all the latest on Hyatt parking options. 
Breakout Sessions
All breakout sessions for the 102nd General Assembly will only be held in person. As soon as the program book is completed, the breakouts will be listed here. 
COGBF Facebook
All general sessions will be shown live on Facebook. For virtual conferees, please click the link below to view and comment on each service. 
All general sessions will be also be shown live on YouTube. For virtual conferees, please click the link below to view and comment on each service. 
$93.00 per night plus fees and taxes. One night deposit required. Additional cost for special rooms. Click the photo above to see the Atlanta Hyatt Regency Hotel’s amenities.